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VanEco Movement

Catch-Up Services for Businesses and Self-Employed

Behind on financials (bookkeeping)?

Do you have unfiled tax returns?

Receiving Government Notices?

Financial Health based on bank balance?

If you answered yes, let VanEco help.




VanEco understands most small business owners finds it tedious and overwhelming to manage financials daily.  Plus it is time away from making money and doing business. 


Unfortunately, not keeping current books can lead to employee theft, over-paying vendors, under-payments by customers/clients, as well as a host of other problems such as increased late fees and penalties, not maximizing profit margins, and loss of sales.   


VanEco can help by partnering with you and eliminating the stress associated with maintaining your financials on a daily basis.  In addition to catching up, we will provide a sound financial management system so you will not get behind in the future.   

Catch-Up Now!

Books Current, Taxes Filed and Financial Matters under Control

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How do we help?

Small Business Accounting

Collect financial data and properly structure based on business type and industry.

Tax Planning and Preparedness

Identify tax liability and potential savings based on financials.

Sound Financial Management System

Create and Implement a customized sound financial management system.

Rita Anderson, MBA, CFE

Financial Matters Expert & Founder

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Available for:


Part-Time CFO

Business Consulting/Optimization

Small Business Accounting

Strategic Financial Management

Tax Planning and Preparedness

Fraud Assessments and Investigations

Accounting Software Implementation and Training

Financial Matters Speaker and Trainer

What are they saying about VanEco.....

“The owner is very knowledgeable and professional in what she does. I learned a lot on why any small business needs to keep an eye on their accounting and finance, and how she can help. Since then I have benefitted from her service.”


Neighbor's Postal Plus, Cypress TX, Packaging and Shipping

“Rita brought organization and structure to our accounting systems for the different businesses and organizations I manage. She provided the tools and reporting necessary for us to make business decisions based on financials and key indicators. She asks hard questions and challenged our team to manage the business based on data and key metrics. She makes us better and keeps us out of trouble with the IRS.”


Final Expense Specialist

Simple Choice Insurance Brokerage PLLC, Houston, TX

Remember, No Judgement.  We only want to help.

The longer you wait, the further behind you become. 

Eliminate the stress, get started!


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