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Rita brought organization and structure to our accounting systems for the different businesses and organizations I manage.  She provided the tools and reporting necessary for us to make business decisions based on financials and key indicators.  She asks hard questions and challenged our team to manage the business based on data and key metrics.  She makes us better and keeps us out of trouble with the IRS.


LaQuentin. Jenkins,

Final Expense Specialist

Simple Choice Insurance Brokerage PLLC

"Rita has been a pleasure to work with.  She has always given us sound financial and accounting advice.  She has proven to be a tremendous asset to our team."

Roderick Hammonds & Godwin Patterson

Health and Fitness Experts





"Buy the truth, and do not sell it, Also wisdom and instruction and understanding." (Proverbs 23:23, NKJV).


"Through wisdom, a house is built, And by understanding it is established; By knowledge the rooms are filled With all precious and pleasant riches." (Proverbs 24:3,4, NKJV)




"If one maintains a sound financial management system with integrity, then growth, profitability, and sustainability will be your reward.

Rita Anderson, Financial Matters Expert



 A Behind the Numbers' Revelation


4th Quarter - Reality Check


The 4th Quarter is an interesting time for a business or organization, it is a critical period of reflecting, determining and envisioning.  If you are a business owner, contractor, professional or leader and you have not started this process the time is now.  To get started Click Here.




 The Importance of a Sound Financial Management System


Tax Planning and Preparedness,

A Necessity


Available for:

Part-Time CFO

Business Consulting/Optimization

Small Business Accounting

Strategic Financial Management

Tax Planning and Preparedness

Fraud Assessments and Investigations

Accounting Software Implementation 

Financial Matters Speaker and Trainer


Tel:  713-653-4378


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Who we are......
Rita Anderson is a Financial Matters Expert and Founder of VanEco Consulting LLC. With over 25 years of experience in accounting, financial management, and business operations, Ms. Anderson has developed a keen understanding of the obstacles small businesses, entrepreneurs, grassroots organizations and independent professionals face when managing their financial affairs. She is committed to supporting their efforts in establishing positive and progressive financial habits through VanEco Consulting LLC. 


Our Commitment
Share our knowledge and experience in business and financial management
Strategically map out options that create “best practice solutions” to save money and increase profits
Candid and to the point conversations and communications which are timely for proper decision making
Help protect your business from fraudulent activity internal or external through good controls and procedures
Provide an honest and objective view of the financial condition and general performance of the business
Assist in establishing a network of strategic partners they will aid in the growth and profitability of the business
Unlimited access to meet business needs


Our Legacy
VanEco Consulting LLC is committed to educating as many people as possible on becoming financially aware, prepared and fit.  Through advocacy, volunteerism, and training.  We want to prepare the next generation and impact future generations.



What we do for Small Businesses, Professionals, and Organizations........
Eliminate Stress.

Financials (books) are behind and taxes have not been filed for several years!

The challenge was going back in time and reviewing transactions, determining what happen and why and formulating a plan of action to generate tax ready financials for several years (3 years to be exact).   The client ended up receiving a refund, what a stress relief.


Uncover Deception.

Executive uses company funds for personal trips and affairs!

An Executive violates the company travel policy and the management agreement by utilizing company funds for unauthorized business trips, expenses, and events.  Upon examination of expense reports of company executives, VanEco (Rita) uncovered the misuse utilizing fraud investigation techniques.  The amount was in excess of $200,000.00 in less than two years.


Save Funding.

Financials are not in compliance with funding source requirements!

A non-profit annual report filing was rejected by funding source for failure to comply with guidelines for funds use based on financials presented.  The organization was not only at risk of losing expected funding, but it would have to pay back funds received during the previous reporting period.   The total expected loss to the organization $400,000.00.  The funds were properly used, the financials were not properly structured to give visibility to the specific funding source guidelines.  VanEco did a breakdown by funding sources and created a process (system) to manage the financials by funding source.  The revision was submitted and funding was saved.

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