The Basic is the stabilization package to ensure financials are current and accurate for tax preparation and proper reporting as applicable.




  • Customized Chart of Accounts

  • Monthly Bookkeeping & Closing Books

  • Financial Reports (Income Statement, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow Statement

  • Reconciliations (Banks/Credit Cards) up to 6 Accounts

  • 24/7 Support (Email)

  • Monthly Accounting Software Subscription and Support

  • Quarterly Strategy Session with Leadership





The Standard is the best value package as it creates a financial management system which promotes planning, monitoring and strategic management of resources. 




  • The Basic Package PLUS...

  • Tax Planning and Preparedness with Tax Filing based on Business Structure

  • Customized Financial Reports with Commentary

  • Revenue (Accounts Receivable) and Expense (Accounts Payable) Analysis

  • Monthly Subscription (and Support) to Small Business Accounting Software  with Payroll (up to 10 employees and contractors) plus Tax Filing as applicable


The Special is the Part-Time CFO package it is the most cost-effective way to partner on the financial management component of the business especially during periods of transition or significant growth.    




  • The Standard Package PLUS...

  • Ad Hoc and Custom Reporting

  • Monthly Strategy Sessions with Leadership

  • Monthly Budget Review with Quarterly Adjustments

  • Quarterly SWOT Analysis - Business Optimization

  • Quarterly Fraud Check-Up and Risk Assessment

The Commissioned is the custom-made package designed to meet the specific and immediate needs of our Clients.  Pricing is determined by the value-adding services provided.




  • Catch-Up Services (bring financials (books) current)

  • Correct and Reconcile Financials (Books)

  • Monthly Bookkeeping & Closing Books

  • Unfiled Tax Returns

  • Payroll Services:  Employee(s) and Contractor(s)

  • Customer/Client & Vendor Management

  • Fraud Investigation and Assessment

  • Financial Matters Resource and Advisor

  • Financial Matters Trainer and Speaker

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